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At ZD Automotive the employee is the center of the company. Accordingly, in addition to an attractive salary, we offer our employees a range of activities, benefits and opportunities to provide them with the best possible support at work and in their free time.

We attach particular importance to an attractive working environment, financial support for work and leisure, and assistance with a healthy and varied daily routine.

Specifically, we offer the following additional benefits for all our employees:
You arrange most of your working hours yourself. You balance overtime with free time. You also have the choice between two different full-time working time models.
After the probationary period, you will receive a company credit card with a monthly credit balance and two additional payments per year. Also you will receive a bonus for each successful referral of new employees. External persons also have the opportunity to receive a commission payment through successful recommendation.
Soft and hot drinks are always available during working hours as well as sweets. Also plant-based milk is provided.
You get 30 days of vacation.
You will receive attractive discounts and offers from our cooperation partners when shopping online and on-site.
Donating blood, organs and bone marrow saves lives. To support this as an employer, you will receive bonus hours on your work time account.
If you wish, you can receive an unlimited purchasing permission card for the wholesale market.
Because we trust in the selection and value our employees, you will receive a permanent contract from the beginning.
In our company you can work flexibly and independently and get involved. The communication channels are short and direct. This way decisions can be made and implemented quickly and easily.To create a more personal environment, the entire team, including management level and the CEO, is on a first-name basis with each other.
The entire company building enables physically handicapped persons to work in a barrier-free environment. In addition, a modern elevator takes you up to every floor without any problems.
In order to make the journey to work more sustainable, you can charge electric cars and plug-in hybrids at our 11-kW type 2 plugs.
In order to strengthen solidarity and team spirit, there are regular joint events in which you can participate voluntarily.
You can adjust the height of your desk to suit your needs. Together with your ergonomic office chair, you create a pleasant workplace. In addition, all offices are equipped with floor heating and air conditioning.
Foreign employees have the possibility to use one of the two completely furnished company apartmentens in Großmehring on a transitional basis. If it is necessary for your job, you will receive a brand new smartphone for professional use. Two general company cars are available for all employees after approval. Depending on your position and necessity you will also get your own company car, including private use.
If you are new in Germany, we can support you with a German language course for an easier start into social and professional life.
There is always the possibility for project-related further training. As an employee you can express wishes or make suggestions. We are always keen to carry out further training to ensure the quality and professionalism of our company.
You can park your car in our own parking lot directly in front of the company building. You can store your bike protected from the weather at our bike racks in front of our entrance.
Once a year, a personal meeting is held with your team or department management to exchange feedback, suggestions and ideas.

Sounds good? Then see if there is a suitable job for you.

Do you have any questions about the application process? You will find the right answer in our FAQs.