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Cockpit Domain Testing Automation

The ZD Automated Testing Platform (ZD-TAP), which utilizes our proprietary ZD Box2i, bus simulation interface card, ZD-Converter, network conversion interface, ZD Datalogger Series, bus data loggers, and a wealth of in-house developed software, meets the test automation scenarios for intelligent cockpit systems, including functional testing, performance testing, and interaction simulation testing. With ZD-TAP, enterprises can quickly develop and deploy automated test solutions, improving test efficiency and accuracy. The integrated development environment, ZD-Code, with functions for test case code writing, analysis, compilation, debugging, etc., efficiently utilizes ZD-TAP's rich software and hardware interfaces, saving development time and cost.


Intuitive user interface
Graphical bus topology for simulation project setup; minimalist design emphasizes user area; clear indicators for offline and online windows
Programmable scripting support
Custom data processing algorithms integrated through scripts; Python SDK for easy deployment in constrained systems
Full JavaScript/Python syntax support
Script editor and GUI for editing automation test scripts
Pre-command framework and incrementally developed scripts provide extensive extensibility
Simulation and data analysis
Supports bus definition files such as DBC, ARXML as signal databases for vehicle controller background state signals, control signal simulation, and bus data signal level parsing. Supports UDS standard diagnostic protocol for ECU closed-loop testing
Multimedia support
Signal visualization; synchronized playback of video and audio with bus data
Multiple video source support
LVDS video capture cards, cameras, USB serial system screenshots, etc. to receive images from multiple cockpit and mobile devices, meeting HMI testing requirements in multi-screen cockpit and mobile vehicle connectivity scenarios
Multiple control scheme support
Compatible with various cockpit control methods using robot arms, Android ADB, bus signals, etc. for multi-screen control
Multi-device compatibility
Supports native Android, HarmonyOS, Xiaomi and other Android phone models and iOS platforms, as well as Linux, Android and other types of vehicle system automation
Audio Testing Support
TTS to simulate different languages, dialects, voice ranges for issuing voice commands, and voice recognition, voiceprint recognition for special audio testing scenarios in vehicle systems


Custom report template services
Customized secondary development interface packaging
Customized Test Management Platform Statistical Data Dashboard Services
Training and after-sales support

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