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Testing solution: Automated Driving Simulation

ZD has an experienced team specialized in automated driving simulation testing implementation team, with a test case library of over 2,000 scenarios and 7,000 test cases. ZD fully supports its customers in ADAS/AD Driving/Parking algorithm testing, covering product functionality, FuSa/SOTIF acceptance testing and other various testing needs. ZD's simulation-XIL test solution covers verification at all levels of automated driving systems, including SIL/HIL/DIL/VIL, and address test scenarios that are challenging to cover with real vehicle testing.
ZD testis able to offer its clients comprehensive testengineering services, including high-quality test scenario design, model creation, test case development, in-loop simulation test implementation and fault injection testing. In addition, we also assist with implementing automated testing and provide services for developing automated test scripts.


Extensive testing experience
Large reserve of existing scenarios
High test case coverage


Test Case Library
Test Team experienced in ADAS simulation verification
Simulation model development service
Automated test script development