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Automotive Signal Automation Test Platform

Leveraging its accumulated strength in automotive automation testing and software development, ZD provides customized automation testing platform solutions for cockpit domain and bus signals to several internationally renowned automotive customers. It provides a comprehensive solution to the challenges faced in today's in-vehicle testing, such as distributed functionalities, high cost and lengthy process of writing automation test scripts, and the difficulty of managing distributed test hardware resources. Through features such as natural language scripting, test plan management, and test resource management on the software platform, it simplifies, streamlines, and visually enhances customers' testing operations, reducing costs, and increasing efficiency.


Scripts can be edited in natural language, simplifying script creation
Covers the process from writing test scripts to analyzing test results, increasing efficiency
Allows upload of multiple kmatrix files for multi-signal library expansion
Combines management of test plans and test assets to avoid resource conflicts or waste and provides at-a-glance visibility of test conditions
Operates across Android mobile, web, and PC platforms for increased convenience
Manual and automated tests can be interchanged


Development of automated testing software.
Test management platform development.
Embedded hardware development.
Web application development.
Android Mobile Application Development.
PC application development.
Test Scenario Setup.
Automation test script development services.
Testing services (including test elevation, test log analysis, customizable test content).
Software usage training and post-deployment script development training, providing technical support throughout the process.