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Car2X Test Bench

The Car2X test bench is a customized test bench designed for various tests in the field of vehicle connectivity. This test bench provides tests for keyless entry, central locking, charging status, vehicle status, air conditioning, fuel level, and more. Equipped with corresponding ZD adapters such as the ZD Box2i or ZD Signal Generator 3, it also supports tests with connected apps for mobile devices. The Car2X test bench supports simulation of actions such as opening windows, doors, hood, and trunk, as well as central locking and adjusting driving speed. The functionality can be expanded according to customer requirements, for example, by integrating real control units or door locks.


Diverse possibilities for simulating the vehicle state, including windows, doors, hood, trunk, fuel/battery charge status, auxiliary heater, and more
Car2X-related test implementations, encompassing emergency calls, horn/lights, remote locking/unlocking, vehicle status, vehicle location, air conditioning control, and more
An array of external test bench interfaces consisting of CAN, CAN FD, LIN, and Ethernet for fast data acquisition from test objects
External OBD diagnostic interface for diagnosing the test bench's internal control unit (ECU)
Simulation of the vehicle environment for testing service such as emergency calls, breakdown services, and other gray services

Application Range

The test bench is suitable for a wide variety of test scenarios, including manual testing and customized Car2X tests.