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Intelligent cockpit software and hardware integration development and electrical communication integration

ZD Automotive has provided cockpit domain system integration solutions for various models of several internationally renowned automobile brands. This includes design solutions for a new generation of pre-research concept-level cockpit overall EEA architecture and communication matrix definition solutions. Leveraging its technical accumulation in automotive bus technology and software and hardware R&D strength, and utilizing its independently developed bus simulation product, ZD Box, ZD facilitates communication protocol conversion and routing functions. It achieves the integration of communication networks such as CAN/LIN/vehicle Ethernet into the intelligent cockpit, providing efficient and reliable technical solutions for vehicle connectivity and communication design.


Wide range of capabilities
The solution supports various vehicle bus and protocol simulations, integrates communication for dozens of ECUs, and fully meets the signal simulation requirements in the intelligent cockpit.
Broad applicability, improved R&D efficiency
The solution supports all popular vehicle bus interfaces, meeting diverse needs from R&D to testing at various process stages.
Multiple application scenarios, high stability
The solution meets requirements from the laboratory to the actual vehicle in various environments and can be flexibly deployed.
Strong product development and delivery team
With solid technical accumulation, end-to-end management in cockpit communication design, software and hardware development, integration, and testing, ensuring safe, orderly, and high-quality delivery.


Intelligent cockpit integrated design
Intelligent cockpit software and hardware integration testing
Intelligent cockpit communication design and signal simulation
Intelligent cockpit automated testing
Custom Vehicle Modification
Intelligent cockpit hardware integration design