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The ZD Box2i is a versatile bus interface product designed by ZD for domain-controller-based electrical architectures. The ZD Box2i supports all current standard in-vehicle bus interfaces, meeting a wide range of bus requirements while providing the benefit of high port density in a single device. It addresses a board spectrum of business needs in the automotive industry, from research and development to testing. This includes the simulation and monitoring requirements for Automotive Ethernet communication between domain controllers, as well as CAN/CAN FD and LIN communication between domain controllers and their sub-controllers.


Support for Multi-Bus Systems
A single device provides full support for common standard bus systems, including CAN/CAN FD, LIN, and Automotive Ethernet standards
Expansion of Standard Interfaces
Equipped with a standard gigabit Ethernet interface, it connects to a host computer via a USB 3.0 Type-C as a bus interface device and provides a hardware upgrade interface
High adaptability in different scenarios
Designed according to automotive standards with a broad voltage and temperature range, it meets various environmental requirements, from lab testing to in-vehicle tests. Users can conveniently configure the Automotive Ethernet operating mode using DIP switches
Comprehensive Solutions with ZD Hardware and Software Products

Combined with the desktop bus tool software VBT (Vehicle Bus Tool), the ZD Box2i enables simulation and monitoring CAN/CAN FD, LIN, 100M/1000MBase-T1 signals, and supports higher-level protocols such as UDS, CCP, SOME/IP

When used with ZD's automated test service packages, it can quickly integrate as a bus interface into automated test environments, supporting signal-level bus data simulation, monitoring, and automated test services with assertions

In combination with ZD Datalogger3's dynamic port forwarding function, it enables lossless data recording and graphical monitoring of focused bus data

Application Range

The ZD Box2i supports the simulation of heterogeneous bus systems for CAN/CANFD, LIN, and 100M/1000MBase-T1 via high-bandwidth communication with the host computer. Combined with the efficient API provided by VBT, the RTOS-operated host computer can precisely manage the timing and cycle control of multiple bus signals. When developing and testing of controllers that integrate heterogeneous buses, such as gateways or body domain controllers, the ZD Box2i minimizes the customer’s hardware requirements.
Using the desktop VBT software, users can conduct signal-level functional and diagnostic test of in-vehicle controllers. Additionally, node simulation enables the creation of the necessary bus environment required for operating the controllers under tests.