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ZD-USB Switch

ZD-USB Switch is an auxiliary device designed to connect and disconnect USB device, making it ideal for compatibility testing. It provides four host USB ports and four device USB ports, enabling switching between 16 connection possibilities. Additionally, the USB Switch provides four relay interfaces for external device testing. The host-side USB ports can connect to USB hosts such as ZD Box and ECUs, while the device-side USB ports are suitable for flash drives, smartphones, and tablets. With ZD-USB Switch, the user can manually or remotely switch USB port connections between the host and device sides for connection and access testing.


Manual or program controlled switching
Switches between 16 USB connections, either manually or via a program
4 relay switches provide normally open and normally closed contacts for intelligent switching control
API and Python SDK support
Real-time monitoring
Monitors the status of host-side USB, device-side USB, USB power supply, and relay switches
Multiple power supply options
Powered via USB Type-C port, host USB bus, or built-in 12V power supply
Integrated LED indicators displaying the operating mode
Built-in flash memory stores configurations and maintains control state after a reboot
Built-in protection circuits
Features USB anti-reverse charge protection, overcurrent protection, and ESD protection circuits
Supports Windows/Linux systems

Application Range

The ZD-USB Switch can be used for automated compatibility testing of up to 4 USB 2.0/3.0 hosts and 4 USB 2.0/3.0 devices. In this scenario, users can manually or automatically monitor and adjust the USB ports connection status, simplifying the process of frequently plugging and unplugging USB harnesses and switching USB devices during debugging and testing development phase. The product also provides 4 sets of relay groupsthat enable intelligent control of switches for scenarios such as simulating power on/off control and connection/disconnection cables.