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Automated Test Bench

This third-generation automation solution offers flexible system configuration options. Its intelligent and compact design seamlessly connects with or accommodates additional devices, facilitating test automation by deeply integrating HiL simulation into the design process through the use of scripts to automatically trigger regression tests. This process can be integrated into software compilation, automatically conducting HiL tests with each software change is triggered, achieving full automation. These tests verify whether the software still meets specifications after changes. Software engineers can immediately respond to changes and correct errors.


External shelf design of the test bench allows easy and frequent exchange of control units (ECU) during testing
Universal interface design, compatible with proprietary ZD automation devices and other industry-standard devices, meeting a variety of automation test requirements
Equipped with a wiring hub that facilitates the addition and modification of wiring during testing
Supports various manual test bench functions

Application Range

The automated test bench is suitable for simplifying test management, reducing R&D and personnel costs, and shortening development cycles. It can be integrated with other testing devices.