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ZD-SafeLink ETH

Due to the point-to-point connection characteristics of Automotive Ethernet, integrating data acquisition devices into vehicles requires significant wiring modifications. Moreover, an Ethernet connection failure due to a test equipment error can directly affect the vehicle’s overall functionality. The ZD-SafeLink ETH, designed with passive pass through, maintains the normal Automotive Ethernet connectivity. When needed, any Ethernet port can be switched to the test device. If a system error is detected, the ZD-SafeLink ETH can actively reset the Automotive Ethernet connection to the original vehicle communication in combination with the Datalogger3.


Manages up to 8:8 ports (4 channels) for Automotive Ethernet connection
Optional Rosenberger H-MTD Automotive Ethernet connector
DIP switch for connection mode selection
Serial USB commands control
LED indicators display real-time connection status
Cable control for external device synchronization and triggers emergency actions
Device cascading: Supports cascading multiple devices

Application Range

When users need to connect the datalogger to test devices, they should first switch the Ethernet interface of the datalogger to the control unit interface of the ZD-SafeLink ETH. Next, they can connect the Ethernet ports of the test device to the datalogger interface of the ZD-SafeLink ETH.

The ZD-SafeLink ETH supports simultaneous connection of four Automotive Ethernet channels. When the internal relay is engaged, it can maintain the connection between the datalogger and the control unit, allowing the datalogger to receive communication data from the control unit as a bypass device.

If the original Automotive Ethernet connection needs to be restored, the ZD-SafeLink ETH can be configured into passive and active mode based on its functional principles

Passive mode: The user can initiate the reset via power supply , DIP switches, or program control.

Active Mode: Users can initiate the reset by trigger.