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ZD Datalogger3 Series

The ZD Datalogger3 Series is designed as a high-performance data logger for the requirements of data acquisition throughout the vehicle in domain control architectures. With PTP time synchronization and highly precise 4ns time stamps, it ensures high data consistency across all channels. Featuring up to 3Gbps of continuous data bandwidth, paired with 2 * 8T of storage capacity and 24/7 ongoing recording capability, it not only guarantees data integrity and continuity, but also adapts to long-term extensive data acquisition requirements. Powerful software features such as custom data filters, trigger modules, and dynamic port forwarding enable flexible data storage and meet the demands of real-time monitoring. As the first device to support 10GBase-T1 Automotive Ethernet as well as audio and video recordings from IP cameras, the ZD Datalogger3 Series is the ideal tool for vehicle data acquisition.


Multi-channel, multi-protocol high-performance data storage
Supporting up to 24*CAN/CAN FD, 12*LIN, 2*FlexRay, 8*1000MBase-T1, 16*100MBase-T1, 2*10GBase-T1, 4*1000MBase-T bus recording, and simultaneous video recording, with a maximum continuous recording bandwidth of 3Gbps
Comprehensive support for Automotive Ethernet data bypass recording
Supporting 10GBase-T1 Automotive Ethernet, 10G/5G/2.5G/1000M/100MBase-T1 data for pass-through and bypass mode, freely configurable master-slave mode, Ethernet delay in microseconds
Data supports real-time signal monitoring simultaneously
Combination of filter functions and dynamic port forwarding to support, real-time monitoring of data during acquisition
Time synchronization service
Time synchronization is based on the IEEE1588 protocol (PTP), supporting master/slave mode, enabling precise time synchronization with other devices
Data filtering and trigger functionality for user's application requirements and conditions
Powerful data filtering meets the need to cleanse sensitive data and reduce data processing load, flexible trigger functions cover various temporal trigger scenarios
Remote data logger access
By connecting to ZD Cloud via wired or wireless Internet devices, data can be accessed remotely from various locations
Flexible expansion of the data acquisition module
Supporting ASAM CMP protocol, expansion of the numbers of ports through ZD-DataGrabber Series possible, data consistency of devices through PTP time synchronization
Efficient and flexible data transfer

Exchangeable Dual SSD

2.5G Management Ethernet port, high-speed downloads for easy data transfer

USB 3.0 device expansion, such as 4G/5G SIM cards and GNSS Receiver Cards

Application Range

Scenario 1
DTF (Dynamic Tap Function) for simultaneous recording and real-time analysis
Test vehicles require not only continuous data recording, but also the capability for real-time analysis or live trace. The point-to-point communication of Automotive Ethernet, widely used in real vehicles, poses a significant challenge for installing of testing equipment or devices in test vehicles.
With the dynamic TAP function of the ZD-Datalogger3 series, the following criteria are met:
• Any Automotive Ethernet communication (or CAN, LIN, FlexRay bus communication) can be forwarded to a specific data logger without compromising the complete recording by the data logger.
• The customers can switch any chosen data channel in real time via software.
• The Ethernet Interface Trace is the Original Ethernet Packet, enabling customers to use tools such as Wireshark or CANoe, directly for real-time data analysis.
• Additional bus forwarding to the Management Ethernet Port Trace includes ASAM CMP protocol messages, supporting connections to any ASAM CMP compliant client tools.
This feature assists customers in addressing various challenges:
• The exclusivity of Ethernet bypass devices complicates the coexistence of data loggers and simulation boxes.
• The complexity of Automotive Ethernet wiring complicates temporary wiring, rewiring or retrofitting.
• Issues with power supply for multiple testing devices in the vehicle.
Scenario 2
ReDA (Remote Datalogger Access) for remote access and data exchange between multiple locations
The development of onboard network architectures and ADAS functions is becoming increasingly complex. Many of those functions require collaboration and co-development among teams at different locations. The ability to synchronize the real-time status of the in-vehicle function development across a limited number of test vehicles is a significant challenge for the remote development. ZD's data loggers can record all in-vehicle data and feature a remote access channel that allows remote teams to easily share raw data on the test vehicle. Additionally, the combination of the data logger's custom filter and trigger functions enable more effient remote data sharing.