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ZD-SignalGenerator Series

ZD-SignalGenerator3 is a specialized environment bus signal generator developed for the needs of the automotive industry. The hardware supports multiple standard automotive bus systems, including CAN/CAN FD, LIN, Ethernet, and FlexRay. Through customized processes, it simulates background signals and meets all the requirements of the tested control unit on test benches. In conjunction with SignalGen Lite, ZD-SignalGenerator3 simplifies the testing processes and eliminates the need of additional computers and complex client software. Simple control and monitoring of the signals, such as adjusting the speed signal or activating the ignition signal, can be performed manually via the versatile GPIO interfaces of SignalGen Lite, such as buttons, switches, and LEDs. SignalGen Lite can also be used as a standalone CAN signal generator.


Versatile vehicle bus interfaces
Signal simulation and bypassing compatible for CAN/CAN FD, Ethernet, LIN, FlexRay, and all common automotive bus systems
No additional computers or complex client software required.
Manual signal control via buttons and switches, and signal status monitoring via LED lights possible
Simple and convenient upgrade solution with flexible and fast response modes
Easily adaptable to control unit or architecture upgrades throughout the development phase
Applicable for various scenario requirements
Can be combined with other ZD products such as SafeLink CAN/ETH or data loggers

Application Range

Bench Flashing: Provides, as a stable and essential background signal, the necessary support for control unit and navigation update.
Bench Testing: Conducts required bus simulations as simulation nodes for various control units.
Vehicle Application Testing: Enables the simulation of car doors, locks, lights, and speeds, and sends these to the gateway for Mobile Application Testing.
OTA/ORU Testing: Simulates various conditions for OTA/ORU on the gateway and generates OTA/ORU upgrades for related tests.
Demonstration Projects: Implementation of various demonstration scenarios through bus simulation and signal bypassing.