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To meet the requirements and technical specifications of OEM production lines, ZD has developed a series of navigation system test benches focusing on technological updates. This test bench reliably simulates the real vehicle environment for navigation start-up through point-to-point signal transmission and allows the loading map data.


Simulates the physical properties of the vehicle network and its associated bus signals to ensure stable operation of the navigation host
Utilizes indicator lights to intuitively display various operating states of the device
Incorporates anti-static measures to prevent data loss during data transfer due to static electricity
Provides a locking function during the update process to prevent mishandling
Durable and reliable mechanical design to withstand frequent operation on the production line
External components of the device body are easily replaceable, making it maintenance-friendly and allowing for quick troubleshooting

Application Range

The navigation test bench is suitable for high-intensity application scenarios such as production lines and laboratories.