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The ZD-AES1000 is an advanced Ethernet switch that supports the expansion of 8 * 100/1000Base-T1 ports, a development tool for testing and analyzing Automotive Ethernet in a variety of application scenarios. It allows users to physically disconnect and sequentially pass through multiple devices in vehicle networks to create virtual point-to-point connections. This resolves the issue of incompatible physical interfaces between different devices in Automotive Ethernet, enables high-speed data transfer, while supporting gPTP time synchronization. The ZD-AES1000 can be used for Automotive Ethernet chip debugging, as a physical simulation node with vehicle network channels in conjunction with simulation testing software, and for debugging Automotive Ethernet sensors.


Compatible with various Automotive Ethernet connectors (H-MTD and MATEnet)
8 100M/1000MBase-T1 ports
Device configuration via desktop software
Three control modes: DIP switch, wire control, serial USB programming
VBAT power supply, suitable for vehicle testing
Equipped with 1*1GBase-T, 1*10GBase-T high-speed Ethernet ports for fast data transfer

Application Range

Monitoring 100M/1000MBase-T1 communication from the ECU in the vehicle with a computer
Using a computer with simulation test software to simulate Automotive Ethernet bus signals
Compatible with a data logger for bypass recording of 4 * Automotive Ethernet communication channels