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About Us


As an employer, it is particularly important to us to stay in communication with the employees in order to guarantee the well-being of individuals and the team. The entire staff gathers quarterly to be informed about news by the management. In addition to this, there is an internal company newsletter providing further information about the individual locations. Furthermore, once a year, both a personal conversation with the team or department management and an anonymous survey take place to paint a current picture of overall satisfaction. Additionally, there is a suggestion box where personal or anonymous feedback can be submitted at any time. Based on this feedback, we develop ways to further improve ourselves.

As we are an international team, communication within the company takes place in both German and English to enable barrier-free work for everyone. For various topics related to the everyday work at ZD, there is a company-owned bilingual intranet accessible to all employees.

At ZD Automotive, people from various countries and cultural backgrounds work together, including Cameroon, Taiwan, USA, China, and of course, Germany.Internally, we have multiple departments and career levels, and due to new proj-ects, our team is continuously expanding. To provide a glimpse behind the scenes and to get to know us better, we introduce employees from different areas here - from student interns to site managers. They have all given us a small insight into their work and experiences at ZD.


Supporting young individuals with fresh ideas, newly acquired knowledge, and im-mense enthusiasm is of great importance to us. Every semester, we welcome several students as interns or working students who develop their practical experiences with us and creatively accompany projects.

Experienced Professionals

Qualified and motivated employees are indispensable for shaping and developing the future in the automotive sector.Wheth-er it's in our software development, testing,or hardware development departments - we offer a wide range of opportunities to find the ideal workplace. We also provide learn-ing and growth opportunities for career changers!


The minds of our ZD team invest their energy into the company every day. Every-thing is evolving,including the demands and challenges that have brought them to where they stand today! And together, the journey continues.



TOP COMPANY Award 2024
TOP COMPANY Award 2023
TOP COMPANY Award 2022
With this recognition, the employer review platform acknowledges the employee-friendliness of our company.Current and former employees have evaluated the company based on factors such as career and salary,company culture, work environment, and diversity. As a company, we are very grateful to receive recognition as one of the best-rated employers. The input of our current and former employees holds significant value for us, and as a result, we strive for continuous improvement.


Entry at ZD is possible across multiple career levels. We provide a variety of paths for students, as well as those entering or experienced in the field, to initiate their careers at ZD Automotive. Regardless of whether it's through applying via email, using the online form, or leveraging social network recruiting - our goal is to make the application and recruiting process as user-friendly as possible for everyone.

You send us your application documents, and we review them before forwarding them to the relevant department. Afterward, we will get in touch with you to ideally schedule an appointment for an interview.

The interview takes place either in person at our location or digitally. You share information about yourself, and we provide you with details about ZD Automotive and the opportunities available to you here. Typically present during the interview are a representative from Human Resources, the site manager, and a responsible individual from the relevant department

Depending on the position and department, we may arrange a trial working session with you. During this session, we provide you with a brief insight into your potential future tasks. You should plan to allocate approximately 1-2 hours for this.

If you have impressed us, we will present you with an offer. If you accept it, we will first send you a contract draft via email. Once we reach an agreement, you will receive the original contract by mail for your signature.

Before you begin your journey with us, we equip you with all the necessary information to facilitate a smooth start. On your inaugural day, you'll get to know the team and complete preliminary paperwork. Afterward, we kickstart your onboarding process. Feedback discussions with your team leader occur at the midpoint and conclusion of the probationary period.


Our job portal always displays the latest job vacancies. If you have any queries regarding the application process, our FAQ section is a helpful resource.


We consistently strive to make our processes as transparent as possible. Regarding the individual application steps, we have thus provided answers to several questions that may arise during the application process below.
Before application

I have a notice period / can't start immediately - should I still apply?      

Absolutely! Many people can not start immediately, but this is usually not a problem.

Can I apply on my own initiative?

We advertise all vacancies as soon as possible. Nevertheless, we are looking forward to your application and will try to find a suitable job.

Are all advertised positions still unfilled?

Normally, all advertised positions are vacant, and if we are hiring, we will withdraw the advertisement within 24 hours. In individual cases, an application process may take longer. Then the position remains advertised despite interested parties until employment actually begins.

I am interested in several jobs. What should I do?

In this case, we ask that you apply only once, but indicate which positions are suitable for you. At ZD Automotive, we generally work across teams so that our employees can fully utilize their strengths and interests.


How can I apply?

We prefer to accept applications via our application form. Alternatively, you can also send the application by mail to

Can I also apply as an intern or working student?

Very much so. We would like our cooperation to be long-term, which is why positions for students are designed to last at least half a year. This allows us to promise a high level of independence and involvement in business processes.

Which application documents should I submit?

For applications, we ask for three components: Cover letter, resume and relevant references.

To whom do I address my cover letter?

Your contact person is Thomas Lieberer.

There was a (technical) problem with my application. Who can I contact?

In this case, please send an email to describing the problem as concretely as possible. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

What happens after the application?
You will receive a confirmation e-mail stating that we have received your documents. Your application will then be reviewed and forwarded to the specialist department. We will get back to you within the next 1-2 weeks.


How many interviews are there?

Usually there is only one interview.

Where does the interview take place?
The appointment is either on-site or online via Microsoft Teams.

Who is at the interview?
Usually 2-3 people will conduct the interview with you: one person from HR and one from the relevant department.

How does the interview process work online?

You will receive an email with a link to a Microsoft Teams meeting. You don't need to install Microsoft Teams for this, it all works via your browser. You click on the link in time for the meeting. All participants will then join the meeting. Ideally, you have a headset so that everyone can understand each other as well as possible. It's up to you to decide whether you want to turn on the webcam.

Do you have any further questions? You can easily reach us via our contact form.
And if we could answer all questions, we are looking forward to your application.