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ZD-DataGrabber CAN/LIN

The ZD-DataGrabber CAN/LIN is designed for high-volume CAN and LIN sub-bus systems under domain control architectures. It can operate as a standalone recording device or record CAN/LIN buses using the built-in M.2 NVME. Utilizing the industry-leading CMP standard, it can also extend devices for the ZD Datalogger3 Series or other third-party host computers, providing bus data with precise time stamps. This product supports the gPTP time synchronization protocol, ensuring time consistency among different devices in heterogeneous bus systems.


Practical, compact and standalone data logger
Expands the amount of CAN/CAN FD and LIN buses for the main data logger
Flexible switching of operating modes
Can be operated as a standalone data logger or as an expansion module for the main data logger
gPTP time synchronization service
As a gPTP slave, it can synchronize time with the main device to ensure time consistency when recording from multiple heterogeneous devices
ASAM CMP data format
Provides cross-platform compatibility with other products
Internal M.2 storage
High transfer rate, low power consumption and compact memory storage

Application Range

The DataGrabber can be used as a stand-alone data logger for high-precision recording of multiple CAN/CAN FD and LIN buses.
DataGrabber can serve as an expansion module for the main data logger to expand the amount of CAN/CAN FD and LIN buses. Using the CMP protocol, the main and slave devices adopt the same time source to ensure the consistency of recorded data times.