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Intelligent Driving Data Acquisition

ZD can provide a solution for intelligent driving data collection system with rich interfaces, low latency, and high reliability. It supports the collection of signals from various sensors, such as intelligent driving cameras, LiDAR, millimeter wave radar, ultrasonic radar, IMU, and GPS. In addition to supporting sensor time synchronization, it can also achieve synchronous data collection with vehicle bus data. In terms of data management, the solution includes data compression, format conversion, high-speed disk writing, high-speed data transfer, data slicing, data annotation, data mining, and customized post-processing.


Low latency
High reliability
Fast deployment
Synchronized disk writing
Customizable services


Provision of data acquisition vehicle modification
Sensor calibration
Data acquisition system setup and troubleshooting
Data acquisition software usage training
Custom development of data collection post-processing functions
Data management service support