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XiL Simulation

ZD provides a cost-effecient XIL testing solution that covers all aspects of smart driving product verification, including SIL/HIL/DIL/VIL. This includes simulations of entire vehicle communication, vehicle dynamics simulation, simulations of physical/targeted sensor data, and data injection. In addition, ZD can customize various simulation software and hardware systems, including VTD, Carsim, SCANeR Studio, Carmaker, 51-simone, Pilot-D, dSpace, NI-RT systems, and more.
Based on the simulation development and testing needs of customers, ZD provides services for the implementation of simulation test systems, including tool chain customization, development of system interface models, data flow design and processing, development of various sensor/actuator simulation models, construction of hardware test benches, electrical system debugging, customization and debugging of third-party hardware, and system open/closed loop debugging.


Stable and reliable
Versatile options
Quick implementation
Comprehensive range of scenarios
High test case coverage


Set-up of XiL simulation verification environment for software and hardware
Training on the use of software and hardware simulation systems
Comprehensive technical support during maintenance period