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ZD-Converter Series

The ZD-Converter Series are media converters for bi-directional conversion between Automotive Ethernet and Standard Ethernet communication (ZD-Converter1000 supports up to 1000M rates; ZD-Converter10G supports up to 10G rates). Based on the plug and play principle, no additional software configuration required for direct use on computers. The ZD-Converter1000 allows port configurations switching via DIP switches, including settings for master/slave mode and data rate. The ZD-Converter10G, on the other hand, can also be controlled via DIP switches, wire control, and USB programming. LEDs indicate the current operating status. The ZD-Converter Series features flexible power supply via USB or VBAT, offering a safe and reliable performance. They simplify the development, testing, and verification process by providing a practical tool for Automotive Ethernet analysis on the computer side.


Application Range

In media converter mode, conversion targets a 1-to-1 port mapping of the physical layer between Automotive Ethernet and Standard Ethernet. The ZD-Converter1000 supports data rates up to 1000M, while the ZD-Converter10G enables port conversion up to 10G.