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E/E Architecture Gateway Test

Automotive gateways are the core components of the entire vehicle electrical and electronic architecture. Leveraging years of industry accumulation and the scientific and technological advantages of both China and Germany, ZD offers high-performance, high-bandwidth, secure and reliable gateway products. These solutions help customers address the increasingly complex domain and vehicle communication systems resulting from automotive intelligence and cockpit integration. Full-stack on-board gateway test solutions have been provided for various models of internationally renowned automotive brands, ensuring the development of intelligent connected vehicles.


Rich onboard bus interfaces in hardware products
Supports all current standard automotive bus interfaces to meet diverse bus requirements.
High port density in hardware products
Comprehensively covers all types of business needs from R&D to testing in the automotive industry.
Flexible solution deployment
Meets the needs of various scenarios such as laboratory and actual vehicles.
Capable of simulating various bus signals
Simulates intelligent connected services, vehicle data acquisition and logging.
A strong and efficient team of development and delivery professionals
With solid technical accumulation, ensures end-to-end management and safe, orderly, high-quality delivery.


Efficient and stable gateway hardware - ZD Box Series
ZD Datalogger Series and other bus signal related hardware products
Training on the use of gateway and other hardware products
Vehicle communication design and signal simulation services
Custom vehicle modification
Vehicle communication testing services