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ZD-Converter Plus Series

The ZD-Converter Plus Series includes the ZD-Converter1500H and ZD-Converter2000H. In addition to Gigabit media conversion, the ZD-Converter1500H also has a sniffer function, and serve as a convenient Autmotive Ethernet bypass monitoring interface. The ZD-Converter2000H is a versatile Automotive Ethernet interface device, which can function as a Gigabit media converter, sniffer, full duplex and full rate sniffer, and interceptor.
The ZD-Converter Plus Series supports and automatically detects IEEE Compliant/deprecated modes and is powered by USB or VBAT. Users can configure port properties via DIP switches, wire control or USB programming, and monitor current operating status via integrated LED indicators.


Application Range

Media converter mode
Similar to the ZD-Converter1000 and 10G, the ZD-Converter1500H supports media conversion. Any vehicle vehicle control unit connected to an Automotive Ethernet port can communicate with the Standard Ethernet port.
Sniffer Mode
In sniffer mode, users can maintain Automotive Ethernet communication between devices while sniffing and forwarding the communication to the Standard Ethernet port.
Media Converter Mode
Designed with two Automotive Ethernet ports and two Standard Ethernet ports, the ZD-Converter2000H functions like two ZD-Converter1000 in media converter mode, enabling media conversion between Automotive Ethernet and Standard Ethernet channels simultaneously.
Sniffer Mode
In sniffer mode, users can maintain Automotive Ethernet communication between devices while sniffing and forwarding the communication to two Standard Ethernet ports.
Full-Duplex and Full-Rate Sniffer Mode
When the Automotive Ethernet Rate reaches full capacity, the bidirectional communication is 1000Mbps in each direction. A Standard Ethernet port of 1000Mbits cannot fully cover the bidirectional in-vehicle communication. In this scenario, the ZD-Converter2000H supports full-duplex full-rate sniffing function, enabling the unidirectional full-rate communication of one Automotive Ethernet port from two Standard Ethernet ports to ensure the integrity of the captured communication data.
Interceptor Mode
In scenarios where ECU debugging is required, the ZD-Converter2000H offers an interceptor mode. In this mode, the unit's two Automotive Ethernet ports are not directly connected. The users can use software tools to intercept the communication between the Automotive Ethernet ports. At the same time, users can use data loggers to record communication data from the vehicle via the Standard Ethernet port.
For the datalogger, communication data between ECUs can be recorded via the Standard Ethernet port. For the user's computer, data packets from the Automotive Ethernet can be received and selective operations such as blocking and modifying, data values can be performed.