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ZD-SafeLink CAN

The ZD-SafeLink CAN is designed to easily switch between original vehicle CAN nodes and test CAN nodes during in-vehicle functional verification. When used with rapid prototyping devices such as ZD-Virtual Gateway, it enables signal intervention, routing, and adaptation of multi-route CAN bus communication. The ZD-SafeLink CAN includes onboard terminating resistors, simplifying the configuration of the CAN link resistance. In addition, the device provides 8 redundant CAN ports, that support monitoring and recording of 8-route CAN communication by using third-party devices.


8 CAN bus interfaces, fully meets diverse customer requirements for physical isolation of CAN topology
Three control modes
DIP switch control, wire control, and serial USB port
LED indicators displaying the real-time connection status
Adjustable termination resistors
Each CAN bus has 2 sets of termination resistors, via DIP switches, allowing for 60Ω or 120Ω resistor values
A wide voltage range
Compatible with a variety of onboard network voltages
DB9 connectors facilitate restoration of the vehicle’s original CAN bus architecture

Application Range

Scenario 1
Quick node switching
Since the ZD-SafeLinkCAN physically isolates the individual CAN node from the bus connection, users can easily switch between different CAN nodes and modify the CAN bus architecture. As illustrated, SafeLinkCAN can connect old CAN nodes to the CAN bus without needing a rapid prototyping device. Similarly, it is possible to switch the CAN node to the rapid prototyping device while disconnecting the old CAN node from the bus.
Scenario 2
Signal-based functional extension using existing nodes
The ZD-SafeLink CAN can be used in conbination with a rapid prototyping device andthe ZD-VirtualGateway. This setup allows for functional extensions at the signal-level based on the original node, such as signal-level interventions, routing, and adaptation to various CAN bus communication channels.