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Vehicle Bus Tool

VBT (Vehicle Bus Tool) is a software platform for vehicle bus tools independently developed by ZD. It integrates functions such as node simulation, bus recording, signal analysis, diagnostics, calibration, and scripting. Compatible with the ZD Box hardware series, this software meets the requirements of various users such as OEM, network design and development engineers, and test engineers analysisright from the early stages of development. It facilitates bus data analysis, ECU development and functional testing throughout the entire R&D process.


Simple and convenient use
The software aligns with the user habits and provides simple and efficient interaction; it's highly flexible, allowing the selection of functional windows based on the requirements
High performance and accuracy
Meets the requirements of high-load bus data transmission, ensuring precise data without frame loss
Support for various bus definition files and storage formats
Compatible with ARXML, DBC, and LDF data description files; supports ASC, BLF, PCAP, MF4 file formats and allows raw data and signal level analysis
Support for programmable scripts
Offers a C-based SDK for writing custom scripts and is compatible with other simulation tool codes
Support for recording and replay of various bus data files

Application Range

The VBT software platform is suitable for scenarios such as individual ECU simulation test, full-vehicle road testing, real-time data monitoring, vehicle diagnostics and ECU scenarios. It can be used in conjunction with the ZD Box2i