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Vehicle Network Communication Testing

With the advancement of intelligent connectivity, automobiles have gradually transformed from traditional transportation vehicles to intelligent mobile spaces. To ensure that performance and functionality at all levels meet standards, and to enhance the safety and interoperability of connected vehicles, vehicle network testing has become a critical aspect of automotive R&D. Leveraging over a decade of deep industry accumulation and professional technical strength, ZD provides customers with high-quality and reliable vehicle network communication test solutions. These solutions verify the connectivity of devices, systems, applications, and the entire vehicle network, ensuring stable vehicle operation. ZD's network communication testing solution integrates stable and mature tools from the industry, and fully utilizes its scientific research advantages in China and Germany. It provides comprehensive services covering traditional CAN/LIN network and next-generation Ethernet network communication testing.


Wide coverage of test items
Simple test engineering operations
High degree of equipment automation
High product maturity
Flexible development environment
A customizable test case library and custom test cases


CAN/LIN network testing
Ethernet network testing
Device integration services/automated test environment setup
Automated test engineering development services
On-site Automated Test Services
Test Issue Localization and Analysis